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What is a single ply roof?

A single ply roof refers to the number of layers that compose the top surface membrane. Back in the old days roofs were built up with multiple layers of tar and roofing felts. Today's roofs use a single layer of waterproof membrane these used to be rubber flat roofs but now a host of other materials exist.


TPO stands for Thermo Poly Olefin. It is one of the most popular membranes in use today because of its low cost and longevity. The seams are welded together with either a robotic machine or a hand operated welder.


 Durolast is a PVC membrane (Poly Vinyl Chloride). This membrane has been in service for over 30 years. Durolast is a bit more costly then other options on the market but when coupled with some of the best warranties in the industry it's value is unbeatable.  Durolast is one of the few companies that will warrant ponding water on the roof and their warranties are included in the price of the membrane.

Other singe ply membrane offerings include: PVC, EPDM, CPA

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