All Seasons Roofing, LLC Metal Roof Leaks? We can Fix them!

Metal Roof Retrofit

The name says it all, we take your existing metal roof and restore it to like new condition. We have several options depending on your needs and budget. Metal roof leaks in Jefferson City? We can fix them. 

Metal Roof Coating System: with this system we power wash the metal panels to remove any contaminants. We then install a metal etching compound so that the coating have something to grip. We then reinforce all the seams with a spun woven fabric embedded in our top of the line roof coatings. We then inspect all the fasteners and tighten or replace as necessary. Then we caulk all the fasteners with a special fastener grade caulking that flows around and completely seals the fastener. Then a top coat is installed over the entire roof, this is done in two passes starting each pass at opposite sides of the building to ensure proper coverage.  The typical MR coating system will last 10-15 years before it needs to be recoated. 

Metal Roof Retrofit:  with this system we install a new single ply roof over the existing metal. We start by determining the metal profile of your roof. We then have a custom profile made that fits your flute (the bottom portion of the metal roof). We fully adhere the flute filler with a low rise insulating foam adhesive. We then install and ISO cover board in a variety of thicknesses so meet your insulating needs. The cover board is also fully adhered using a low rise insulating foam adhesive. The next layer is a special fleece backed TPO membrane. This membrane is also fully adhered using low rise insulating foam adhesive.  The great benefits of this system is that no holes are put into the current metal roof. These roofs offer warranties from 10-20 years.

All Seasons Roofing, LLC metal roof leaks